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The project

Archaeological Park of ancient via Appia.
From the field to Virtual Reality applications

The project regards activities, technologies and digital solutions connected with an interdisciplinary approach, carried out by CNR ITABC and the Archaeological Superintendency of Rome.The goal of the project is to realise a digital archive of the monuments of the park, employing many different technologies for 3D representation of the landscape and integrating instruments for topographic relief and methodologies of surveying on site (DGPS, laser total station, photogrammetry, 3D laser scanning, photo and video acquisition), according to the level of detail required. All the data are successively elaborated to obtain a correct geometric model of the landscape, implemented in a Real time OpenGL application where the user can interact with many hierarchical levels of contents.
The project presents our methodological approach, oriented towards real time desktop OpenGL applications, in which the incremented cognitive value of scientific 3D reconstruction can be fully integrated with the complex informative system, composed by metadata associated. This approach could change the state of the art in the field of 3D representation of archaeological contexts. A multidisciplinary critical interpretation of the landscape, considered as an ecosystem, becomes possible, the virtual archaeology becomes cognitive archaeology, the virtual reality augmented reality.

The activity comprehends:

  • 3D laser scanning (3D acquisition of the monument as point cloud)
    total laser station (topographical relief)
    Stereoscopic photogrammetry and orthophotomosaics of the walls (for high resolution texture mapping)
    Archaeometric analyses
    Elaboration of 3D models and optimization for real time application.
    Spatial data overlay (themes, layers, maps)
  • Virtual reality application, in Open GL environment (3D reconstructions connected with all the available, spatial and not spatial, metadata)

Goals of the project

Appia Antica Park

Laser Scanner


Stereo Photogrammetry

Story Telling

and Cultural Heritage


CNR-ITABC (Institute of Technologies Applied to Cultural Heritage).
Scientific Coord: Maurizio Forte, Paolo Salonia.